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COP 18: Selamatkan Rakyat, Turunkan Emisi, Hentikan Membakar Bumi

Pada 26 November – 7 Desember 2012 akan berlangsung KTT Perubahan Iklim di Doha Qatar. Dunia menjadi saksi meningkatnya krisis iklim. Mulai badai Sandy  di Amerika Serikat hingga banjir dan berbagai bencana lingkungan lainnya  yang makin rutin dan meluas di negara-negara Asia. Namun, para pemimpin Negara industri justru mempermainkan nasib penduduk bumi lewat ketidakpastian penurunan emisi, dan dukungan adaptasi bagi negara-negara berkembang dan miskin. Tak hanya menjadi batu sandungan dalam tiap KTT Iklim, yang membuat Kyoto Protokol periode pertama berakhir 2012 tanpa kesepakatan mandat penurunan emisi Negara Industri. Amerika Serikat berusaha membawa substansi negosiasi iklim ke dalam negosiasi informal di luar skema PBB - UNFCCC, melalui Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate. Indonesia adalah salah satu anggotanya. Bagaimana nasib Keselamatan Penduduk bumi ke depan?

Pemanasan Global Ancam Pasokan Air"""
MP3EI, Ekonomi Hijau
ala Indonesia?
Cara Petani Beradaptasi dengan Iklim


Norway: Saving rainforests with one hand, destroying with the other

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By Chris Lang, 16th November 2011

“It has long been a fact: Norway is saving rainforest with one hand and destroying the rainforest with the other,” wrote Lars Løvold of Rainforest Foundation Norway recently. The problem is that while Norway has promised billions to save the rainforest, the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) is investing in companies that are destroying the rainforests.


coal power offset projects will generate millions of artificial carbon credits

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New UNFCCC report confirms coal power offset projects will generate millions of artificial carbon credits

10 November 2011, Brussels. A report published today by the UNFCCC’s expert panel shows that coal power plants that receive climate finance through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) may receive millions of artificial carbon credits under current rules. CDM Watch and Sierra Club call on the CDM Executive Board to exclude this project type from the CDM at the upcoming climate change conference in Durban.

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Why the world is burning more coal

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The inconvenient truth is that coal remains a cheap and dirty fuel — and the idea of 'clean' coal remains a distant dream.

This year's UN climate negotiations are in Durban, South Africa. Many delegates will already be looking forward to the chance of going on safari after their labors, visiting Kruger National Park or one of the country's other magnificent game reserves. But I have another suggestion. Visit the enemy. Just two hours' drive up the Indian Ocean coast from Durban is Richards Bay, a huge deep-water harbor that is home to the world's largest coal export terminal.

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Carbon Emissions need to peak this decade to meet 2 °C temperature goal warns new study

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Limiting global average temperature rise to 2 °C may be slipping from the world's grasp without urgent action this decade on emission reduction to combat climate change according to new climate modeling of emission pathways by a team lead by Dr Joeri Rogelj.


Asia Pulp and Paper’s big REDD scam on the Kampar peninsula

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By Chris Lang, 10th November 2011

How can a company use the fact that it is one of largest forest destroyers in Indonesia to benefit from REDD? Easy. The very fact that the company is so destructive means that any forest in the company’s concessions is automatically threatened. So any patch of forest left standing must, by definition, be avoided deforestation.

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